Video Set and Recording

I have been working on the kickstarter campaign and it has been a huge amount of work, fun but challenging.  The video is a key step in success, and I am feeling a huge amount of pressure to have something good.  The script I put together seemed pretty tight, the hardest part has been cutting it back, and squeezing it in to 3 minutes or so.  Friday night and Saturday morning were spent converting the garage / workshop into the set for the shoot.

I am fortunate to have a friend and neighbor, Thank you George, who could be on the camera end of things, which was a huge help.  The real shocker for me was how hard it was getting the words out once the camera went on.  I have been in front of the camera before, this project is a dream come true and still I felt like my brain and tongue went to mush every time the camera was rolling.  Everything is taking longer than planed, but the results are great, so I push on.  I am pretty sure we have plenty of usable footage.  The next step is the culling and edit.  I know in my heart that this will work and the project will move forward.  The experience I am gaining from this is incredible, it pushes my boundaries at every corner.  The bicycle design and testing came very easy to me, the selling has been the challenge, and I am enjoying it immensely.

The View from behind the backdrop, and time to get things back in order.


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2 Responses to Video Set and Recording

  1. Doug Peterson says:

    Rob: Can’t wait t to view the finished product! After seeing your stills, I have high hopes for the movie.


    • Rob says:

      Doug, I am sure it will be a good video, but I will admit that I am having a much harder time moving into the 4th dimension of video and sound. Like I said in the post, it is exciting pushing my boundaries, but I feel like I need a nap more than ever.

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