Getting Ready to Set Up Dynamo Lights

Thanks to the marvels of intentional shipping and internet friends it has been a fun week in the receiving department here at OAC.  With the days starting to get shorter the talk about lighting systems is starting to heat up.  I was able to buy a built up dynamo from one Rambler early adopter to build up a lighting system for another.

For those who not familiar with the current state of the art, dynamo systems have a generator built into the front hub that can be directly wired to your lights so that you never have to worry about batteries.  Just ride and the light are there.  The resistance is barely perceptible, nothing at all like the generator you had rubbing on the tire of your old Schwinn.   With new LED technology the light output is astonishing as well, combined with high quality German optics that keep the light on the road, it can totally transform you riding experience after dark.

The Rambler frame sets are designed with the use of these systems in mind, and have wire management systems in place to keep everything clean and well protected. In the coming week I will have some detailed posts showing how I will be setting this up, as well as highlighting the Rambler specific features.


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  1. Hey man! Just found your place through your very well-informed comments over at Varley’s. While I am a nut for all things technovelo, your recent post of your adventures with the munchkin hit home the best. Human interest, i suppose. You can use “technovelo” anytime you want as long as you send me a nickle each time.

    BTW: ain’t Mike cool?

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for dropping by the site, Mike ROCKS, I have learned so much from him over the years and yet to meet him in person, crazy I know. Fridays like the one before last remind you what fun really can be, and that bikes are a means to an end, but a really fun one

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