Daddy Days

With four-day a week child care, Fridays end up being daddy day, and most aspects of work have to take a back seat while the munchikin is awake.  Today was awesome, and it is only half way through.  We headed out on the bike to the post office, but she was scoping out the play ground.

After we dropped off the packages we headed straight for the slides, and then to a tangerine (otherwise known as baby oranges) break.

Yes, normal kids show up in strollers, we roll a little faster.  Then we were off to get the 4 legged munchikin and check the beach before heading home

So far it was a perfect day, but wait there is more, it really does get better.  After heading home for a snack, there is a knock at the door and brown truck santa had some surprises

Super stoked on the box of goodies from Vittoria, three new sets of tires, Randonnuuer Pro, Voyager Hyper and Voyager, to test out on the 700c Rambler.  I have been getting my hands on as many wide performance tires as I can as part of the ongoing testing.  I am looking forward to spinning out the mile son some new rubber.  A huge thanks to the team at Vittoria for getting these out to me in a matter of days.

For now it is back to work while nap time is on.  Happy Friday and make sure you get to play outside this weekend!!

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6 Responses to Daddy Days

  1. Michael_S says:

    have you tried the Voyager Hyper? wondering how wide they really are and well they roll. I need a smooth rolling 700×40 tire.

    • Rob says:

      I have not ridden the Hyper I have yet. I mounted one, 700×32, and it measured out at 34.5 initially. I was really trying to get a 38mm version to test, but the folks at vittoria sent me this batch all around 35mm or so. I have actually been liking he Pros as an around town sort of tire. They are similar to a Schwalbe Marathon supreme. I will likely be putting up the hypers as a WTT for a set of the 38mm and see if I get any takers. Based on feel the Hyper is similar to the jack browns and the inflated profile is nice and round.

      • Michael_S says:

        for the weight and size they seem like a good tire to try, too bad they don’t come in skinwalls. Schwalbe has a new tire coming out called the Little Big Ben in a 700×40 that looks promising too.

  2. true says:

    Any update on riding the Vittoria Hyper Tires?

    • Rob says:

      The short answer is that I have been really happy with them. I would say that they are comparable to a jack brown green in the 32mm size, and the 38 is the Goldilocks tire for me so far on the Rambler. I will get a better write up later this month on the range of Vittoria tires I have been riding.

  3. Adam says:

    Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Voyager Hypers; how they compare to other large-volume tires, etc. I’ve been thinking about putting the 38’s on my own bike, after comparing their numbers with offerings from Schwalbe, Continental, and Panaracer. It seems to be the lightest and presumably quickest tire in that size range.

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