Daddy Days

Fridays are daddy days around here, and that is a good thing.  We broke away from the routine to head out on a bike adventure, ship out some stuff:

Cruise down to the coast

around the point to check the surf

And scored some quality pony time at the fairgrounds

Pretty close to perfect.

Happy Friday, get outside and play this weekend.

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7 Responses to Daddy Days

  1. Daddy days are the best. Sounds like you had a great one, my friend. I always love your photos. You are the panda shot king in my opinion.


  2. Just Bob says:

    Great to see the smiles and the baby taking center stage. I see you are sporting a new hair style – like it. A ride with family seems to be the best.

  3. TsW says:

    Cool kid’s seat- what kind?

    • Rob says:

      The seat is the BoBike mini+, it has met and exceeded our every expectation, easy to switch between bikes etc. Highly reccomended.

      • TsW says:


      • I was actually thinking the same thing, but never asked. I had an iBert seat for my baby boy, but this one is so much nicer.


        • Rob says:

          The iBert is a comfy seat, and a heck of a lot easier to find. We have friends that saw our Mini+, wanted one, but took the easy sourcing route and went with the ibert. In practice the bobike mini should not be that hard to source now that KoolStop is distributing them.

          I really like the lack of protruding hardware that is on the bike itself with the bobike systems, just a minimal clamp at the headset. True minimal, yet bomber Scandinavian design

          We have another 4 or 5 lbs of growth before having to figure out the next solution.

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