Published Again

While photography used to be the main thrust of OAC, it has taken a bit of a back seat to getting the Ramblers and the rest of the product line in order and off to market.  There is a tiny bit of irony in that while the blog went a bit dormant, I actually have ended up having a couple of my photographs requested for use in print.  First up, the Summer issue of Momentum magazine, it should be on the stands or on its way to subscribers by now.  I pulled out the ruler to confirm, but it is close to 20% of the page, not bad

The magazine just happened to be on top of the 99% art for the decals when I took the pic of a pic 😉

I should also have a picture in the upcoming Environmental Initiatives publication for Patagonia.  That one is very exciting.  While the blog and my flickr accounts see a fair amount of traffic, it is extremely rewarding to have my work showing up in print.  Particularly in places that will have a more diverse exposure, and an audience beyond the small world of bike geeks.

Things are heating up, lots and lots of projects, the blog has taken a back seat for a bit, and I am sorry for that.  The next week or two should be pretty consistent, lots of pictures, a few bike build projects, and I may even find the time to get out and ride a bit.

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  1. meligrosa says:

    awesome! congrats :))

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