Decal Mockup

We are getting very close to the final decal art.

The down tube logo needs to shrink just a smidge to fit well on the smaller sizes.

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Thanks for reading, happy Friday, and have a great extended weekend.  Get out there and ride, take a moment, hell more than a moment and remember how and why we here in the U.S.A. have the freedom to ride and play the way we do, thank all of the men who are serving, have served in any way and have given their lives to preserve this treasure that we have.

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One Response to Decal Mockup

  1. doug peterson says:

    Love the yellow! Looking good. Re: your post about BB: tried to reply on iBOB but can’t tell if it worked. The “68” sounds like the BB shell width & the “126” the spindle length, so any Shimano cartridge BB matching that should work. I looked at a couple of old Shimano spindles that I have & that seems to be the code. Not sure what the other numbers mean; maybe the BB threading.

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