Sport Tour Naming Process – Nijimasu

I am looking for your input on the model name for this bike.

I have been brainstorming for months now to come up with a name not only for the first bike in my line, but a pattern of names that could work across future bikes as well.  People give the guys at Rivendell a bit of grief for some of the more recent model names they have chosen, e.g Hunquapillar, Samuel Hillborene etc.  I am now walking my mile in their shoes on this issue.  Every time I think I have hit it, A quick trademark search reminds me how many other people hit it first.

I want to avoid names that are straight up descriptors like “Sport Tour” and the derivatives like ST-1.  I have looked into local place names, but feel that there is not as much broad appeal or catchy-ness.   I am leaning strongly towards fish names, tying into the “Ocean Air” theme.  I have a rough idea of what I would like, and they can easily be analogous to the propose of the product or bike model.

Many of the common fish names have already been taken already.  Moving on to the Hawaiian and or Inuit names, many have been used in the past in the bike business by the likes of Gary Fisher and others.

I have narrowed it down to the common Japanese names for the fish of choice.  My first pick:

Sport Tour – Rainbow or Steelhead Trout“Nijimasu“:  This not only fun to say, but has regional significance as well.  These fish  swim the coastal waters and move up the local rivers to spawn.  The routes you have seen me riding for the last couple of years parallel the routes these fish swim during their life cycle.  They play an important role in the coastal ecosystem.  The current threat to their natural existence, is a bit of a canary in the coal mine for our coastal watershed’s health.  I can start by helping to draw attention to this single piece of the environmental crisis, a baby step, and grow from there.

So, I want and need your feed back.  Does “Nijimasu” ring in your ear and memory?  Any other names for trout that you like?  Other fish names or names in general?  Let me know.

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9 Responses to Sport Tour Naming Process – Nijimasu

  1. What happened to “Rambler”? I was really leaning toward the old Nash car names, but maybe someone still cares about those trademarks. Have you considered bay, cape or cove names? How about Ocean currents – Oyashio, Kuroshio, Drift?

    • Rob says:

      I like Rambler, there are already multiple open trademarks though, and seems like it will be a fair amount of work to get use of. Second problem is that from a theme standpoint there are not other names to carry through the line. That being said I still like it too and may use it in the future if I have the time to figure out how.

      I like the Ocean Currents, more to look up this afternoon!!

      Thanks for the input

  2. Michael_S says:

    Nijimasu sounds kinda odd to me. Too bad Steelhead was taken that would have been great considering the endangered status here in So Cal…. you could go with Pupfish or Mudskipper.

    Or how about Bonefish… they are pretty cool fish.
    I already have a Coho so that one is taken.

    • Rob says:

      What about “Masu”, that is the shorter word for traut? Steelhead is in use for everything from car parts to fishing rods. And in the wayback machine Eisentraut had his “Rainbow Traut” model

      I may be over thinking this a bit, and hope to meet with a friend in the legal business this week to see what it really takes to get a name that is already in use. With regard to “Bone Fish”, that is the one I would like to use for something a little lighter and sportier than this model if I ever get there. For those that know fish, the bone fish is know to fight fast and long, all about the sport.

      I have alluded to tires in past, they will be the snook and tarpon when I bring them into reality. The heavier camper bike – salmon (gin-zakke) or whaoo (ono). And the long top tube haul everything and the baby too bike will be the grouper (hata). At least that is the scatter diagram for fish names. I figure if it is on the sushi menu and not being used by a bike company, the trademark issue should not be as bad, maybe. Still learning some aspects of this by doing.

  3. Joe Broach says:

    I’m partial to the char (not true trout, I guess) latin names, genus Salvelinus (which is good on its own). Especially alpinus or aureolus (arctic char), fontinalis (brook trout), and confluentus (bull trout). Seem fitting in that they tend to be found at extreme elevations or latitudes in their natural range–sort of where only a really versatile sport tourer would roam.

    I don’t envy you the naming or color selection. Definitely like the idea of a connected theme, though, and something that evokes in sound and meaning what the bikes are designed to be.

  4. anyidea says:

    The Breeze.

    I am on the breeze
    Breeze through the hood..

    Lends to expanded thought – Hurricane – The Storm and it goes on….

    • Rob says:

      I like it, but too close to an existing brand – Breezer by Joe Breeze. Coming up with something unique is harder than you think sometimes

  5. doug peterson says:

    Rob: I like your idea of the short version “Masu”. 2 sylables, obvious pronunciation, easy recall. There’s a bit too much going on in “Nijimasu”. And extending the use to other models in the future is a nice fit, especially sticking to short ones like Hata and Ono. I also like the names of points, bays, etc. I think someone’s already got a Rincon on the market, though. Trestles & J-Bay are probably available. The fish idea is kinda cool though.


  6. Pam says:

    Well, I like the name – and the environmental aspects recognizing the natural resources found in the area; you could also go with (since you surf) different Ventura County Surf Spots (mondo’s, C Street) – they do all have their own vibe . . .

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