Mid Day Escape

It has been way to nice outside to pass on riding.  Try as hard as I may, by the mid afternoon the clear blue skies pull me away from the computer and telephone.  With temperatures pushing into the low 80’s in the inland valleys I broke away for a ride back up the river valley.

A total of 26 miles crammed into an hour and a half, not bad after a couple of months with little more than short errand rides.  Even at that average pace I was still able to grab some pictures and enjoy the weather.  Near Lake Casitas there was a herd of deer out grazing, in a mile or so I counted close to 20.

All those little dots in the field are deer, really, even a four point buck in the mix.

I since my dad does read this, I will admit I need a hair cut, pretty badly.  I keep telling my self it is winter and it keeps my head warm, but this winter has been hotter and drier than last summer.  I am sure Murphy’s law will kick in as soon as I cut it, but I guess I have hats for that.

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  1. Anyidea says:

    Is Murphy a barber? I know a great barber here in South Florida – does little girls hair also..

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