All Work and no Play

Makes Rob a fatter tired guy.  Looking at last evening’s pictures I could not help but notice the extra chin starting to make its reappearance.  It took close to 8 months of daily riding after the last desk job/3 hour windshield time commute came to an end to get rid of the last double chin.  Nothing like taking self portraits with a fish eye lens to remind you of which way things are heading.

I decided to head out for a mid day ride, met a buddy for lunch, ran some errands and put in 26 miles or so in perfect weather.One of the better ways to burn off some surplus side meat.

It was a perfect way to break up the day.  Surf is up again too, I think that may be tomorrow’s mid day vacation.

Now it is time to get back to work so that you guys can have a new bike option by spring, maybe even a few surprises to go with it.

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