Trek 613 Serial No.

For the curious that were wondering a bit more about the heritage on this bike.  I looked at and these bikes appear to fall into a bit af a numbering gap.  It is clearly from 80-81 due to the numbers and color scheme.  If anyone out there can tell me what the “S” stamp is fo r, hat would be great.


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  1. Derek says: says that the bikes built in 81 with SN’s that begin with a letter designate the model. however, this was a version to a previous method of serial numbering that was used by factories other than Trek’s own shop. the intention was to not confuse the serial numbering going on at Trek’s main factory. if this is the case with that bike, I would think the “S” stamped above the serial number would indicate the non-Trek factory that built the frame. thats my guess.

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