Wednesday Breakfast

One of my mid-week luxuries is the swap meet.  The predisposition to wander through other people’s junk for sale probably comes from my dad dragging me through garage sales and the Thunderbird swap shop as a little kid.  Today the fog is back in force after one day of sun.

I even find useful things in the piles once in a while.  Today, things came up empty, and it is time to get back to something productive.


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2 Responses to Wednesday Breakfast

  1. Bob - the dad - Perks says:

    I know you and your Dad – he only had to follow you through the swap shop and garage sales.
    The challenge was to control the urge..I am sure it was fun….

    • Rob says:

      You can frame it how you would like, but I am sure I was the one in tow at 5 years old. The Hum-a-zoo guy will for ever be etched in my mind, likewise we do have a lady at our meet from time to time who sells the bird wistles that you put waterin and blow to make the gurgly bird songs, good memories

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