Grocery Time Trials

I do not race anybody but myself, ever.  I love to ride, but time gets tight every now and then.  As much fan as a casual ramble can be, sometimes the challenge of 10 miles, two grocery stops and less than an hour and a half to get it done, with stop lights, signs and morning traffic as the sauce on top is just what you need to break the funk.  Things were still a bit bleery heading up the hill into the fog as I am fighting off the tail end of a cold.

Crossing town to the Trader Joe’s load up on some staples, and through the parking lot to the farmer’s market.  Packing the saddle bag with Juice, frozen beef and veggies untill the bag was super stuffed.  The load maxed the limits of the bagman support for sure, and I need to make some time to push ahead on a better solution.  Checking the time I realised that I had blown over 20 minutes shopping.  Time to jam towards home, through the fields.

Almost home I was still just under an hour, and slowed down for a surf check.  South swell filling in, but no time to watch the sets.  I am not sure where to fit it in, but I need to get back in the water soon.

I made it home in just a few minutes over an hour, and even cruised through a few rows of the swap meet on the last mile home for good measure.  Fantastic ride all things considered.  I took the load upstairs and took a minute to blend up some fruit and veggies in the vitamix.

Frosting on the whole thing was answering the phone 10 minutes after I walked in the door, still a little wound up from the ride, to a phone interview that I was not expecting for anther 4 hours or so.  I feel that it went well, probably better with the endorphin push and no time to over think my answers.  Hopefully I did not come off as a coffee spaz.  This could be the dream job, and an interesting path opening up for sure,  I am looking forward to chasing this trail out to the end.


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