Friday Ramble

Posting has been a bit sporadic lately due to some fantastic visits from out-of-town family and some other stuff like birthdays etc. that are, well, um, just higher on the list than posting.  Things should be getting a bit closer to normal in the coming weeks as I get back into my morning groove.  Today I was lucky to have the time to head up the coast and on a whim, extend the ride.

Everything started as a normal cruise up the coast.  Then I pushed a little further to La Conchita to grab a couple fresh coconuts, more on at a  later date.  That  required going a mile or two further to Rincon to make the turn around.  As I approached the turn around point I decided to make a right instead of a left.

Heading up and back into the hills a bit to make a few more turns up and around, exploring some routes new to me.  Time was starting to close in and I made my way back down to the coast.  I hit the non-paved route from Carp back down to Rincon.

The rest was the regular ride back down the coast.  It was good to be back on the bike.  I know we are supposed to be having a heat wave, but it was incredibly nice out.  Fall is just around the corner and closing in quick.

Happy friday, and do not forget to play outside this weekend!


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