Ghost Town

At least it feels that way with the fair finally packing up and moving on.  It is finally safe to come out of the house.  After lunch we went for a quick spin to pick up my entries from the photo exhibit.

The food wagons have almost completely moved out.  Quite a different scene than saturday.  We stopped at the last hall to pick up my pictures and honorable mention ribbon.  I am already plotting and planning for next year’s entries.  I decided to take a quick peak at the midway:

Not nearly as exciting with trash everywhere and things three-fourths picked up.  Then we took the long way home to check the surf.

The low clouds and fog have been relentless this summer, after a while it starts to get really old.  I know, it is better than heat waves or ice storms, but after weeks of flat gray light, bright enough to need sun glasses, but never sunny, you start to appreciate the clear blue skies a bit more.


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