In the Stand – 1991 RB-T

As the next chapter in my life seems to be organically developing there has been a few bikes passing through my work stand.  The common theme is small bikes for ladies that do not have wacked out geometry angles, more on this later (just re-read that, it is the angles on the bikes, not the ladies).  My wife is 5’3″ and in the quest for champagne on a beer budget I have managed to keep a list of the bikes from the past that can be refurbished to suit.  The latest bike in the stand is a near NOS 91 Bridgestone RB-T size 50cm, this one is for a friend:

All this one still needs is a touch-up on the wheels and it is ready to go.  That, and I may switch out the tires to some wider Pasela rubber.  unfortunately the original Avocet tires were not serviceable.  Yes, I know the garage is a mess, as always a work in progress.

On other notes, I am hoping to pull this ride off this weekend, time and heat wave conditions will tell the tale.  Either way there should be some good pictures next week

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend.  Play outside and enjoy your family!

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  1. mike says:

    You riding along the coast this weekend? The temps are making me double think and most likely cancel my ride I was planning for the weekend. Be careful out there if you are embarking on a long ride, drink a TON of water.

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