Weekend Project

My Father-in-law has been riding his bike more and more recently.  Mostly for fun and exercise, but with the addition of the Acorn bag, the utility aspect really came home in the last couple of weeks.  It is amazing what even a small bag can add for those who have never carried more than a spare tube.  The bike is a Univega Alpina comp in fantastic condition with a great Suntour XC Comp / Ritchey Logic build that is still going strong 20 years now.  The original knobby tire was still on front.  This weekend I was able to put on a set of Schwalbe Big Apples and reset the cockpit a little with an Albatross bar. 

The smile was instant as he took it for a test ride around the block.  It is really cool to get someone so stoked.  There is a bit more it will need like bearing repack, maybe some new brake shoes, but all in all the bike is in great shape and ready to go.

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3 Responses to Weekend Project

  1. Greg says:

    I owned a 1992 Univega Alpina Comp (this same paint job I believe). It was stolen in 1996 and I have mourned it ever since. It was the most aggressive climbing bike I ever had (though downhill was like riding on a jack rabbit). The Ritchey rims were indestructible. I would get out of my college classes and think “Oh yeah, I get to ride to my next class!” It saw it’s share of Moab and various mountain paths throughout Utah. If you ever run across another – let me know. I’m jealous of your father.

    • Rob says:

      Fun story Greg, the bike is a blast to ride. Let me know what size, they come up around town from time to time. Everyone I have ever seen has a sticker fom a bike shop in Northridge, Ca, they must have sold a ton of these.

  2. Greg says:

    16″ or 17″. I’m 5’9″, but my legs are a little stubby! Back in 96 I tried to find another bike with as aggressive of a frame, but couldn’t. I don’t know much about frame geometry, but I’ve never had another bike with as quick a ride. Great memories. Have a great ride with your Father in Law! Thanks for keeping an eye open.

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