Pole Cam 3.0

This past Friday I put together my third pole cam. This one incorporated everything I learned on the first two, shrink-wrap, jam nut and glue in addition to threading the all-thread into the handle. I am really happy with this one. It is also short enough to fit well in my frame bag. All of the pictures in the previous post were taken with it.  IMO the results are better than holding the camera directly in my hand.

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2 Responses to Pole Cam 3.0

  1. cbleslie says:

    Looks great. It’s nice to see you covered the threading in something. Very classy.
    Think about making another post about how to build your own or show the progress of the pole cam, and submitting it to the Make:Blog. This is a great DIY project that is seemingly anyone can do given the time, and produces great results


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