Bikes In the Garage – 1983 Specialized Sequoia 47cm

This is a recent Ebay acquisition that we could not pass up.  It is the perfect size for my wife, and happens to be the closest to mint Sequoia I will likely ever see.  Every piece is the way it was the day it rolled off the showroom floor, and it was stored indoors for 27 years and only ridden a few times.  I had High hopes, but was stunned once I put it together and wiped it down.  Superbe brakes and pedals, Avocet crankset and Saddle, Suntour derailers, Specialized hubs smooth as butter, and the tires still have the mold witness lines with skin walls in great condition. 

She will ride it for a bit as it is, but it will quite likely get a set of Albatross bars, the 650b wheels and brakes off of her Miyata.  The build quality on the frame is incredible, as nice or nicer than my Rivendell.

Now if only I coud find a 62.5 like this one.

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6 Responses to Bikes In the Garage – 1983 Specialized Sequoia 47cm

  1. Mike says:

    Nice find Rob! Looks like a fun project and nice bike to ride. I’m still looking for the bike for Courtney, hard to come by these small guys.

    • Rob says:

      She is in love with the bike already. Her other bike might be going up on the block in a couple of months, but i tstill may be a bit to big for Court. We are still figuring that out.

  2. ryan says:

    nice bike, rob.
    i actually have a Sequoia in storage (i think it is a first year ’81) that is close to your size. if you are still looking we can cut a deal. it is similarly equipped to the one in the pics above.
    I happened upon your post to try to put a value to the one I have…no idea.
    let me know. (I am in Los Angles)

    • Rob says:

      thanks for the offer, but the Rambler is the solution to the sequoia craving I used to have. My wife still rides and loves her little sequoia. I am sure you will have no problem selling the one you have, they were great bikes.

  3. Kevin says:

    Hi there,

    How tall is your wife? I’m looking to build up this exact frame for my girlfriend and wonder how it might fit. It’s got a 52cm top tube, correct?

    • Rob says:

      Aly is about 5’2″ and loves the fit. She is built with relatively even proportions and I designed it around her previous fit challenges with steep seat tubes and long top tubes. It allows to get a more traditional fit that us bigger guys are used to without having to resort to super short stems and seat posts with super long setback seat posts. Bottom line is that normal stuff works, and it is fun to ride

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