It has been a busy week.  Plenty of mileage building up, but all in short little bursts.  Some for errands and some just for fun, and some interesting things to see.

Two things in common to glue it all together, great weather and way better than doing it all in a car.

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  1. Lucy says:

    Hi Rob
    Hope it’s not a cheeky question, but where did you get your daughter’s cycle-helmet from? We’re in the UK, but so far found limited styles. Thanks, Lucy x

    • Rob says:

      The helmet is from ended up buying directly from them to get the one I wanted. I wanted the helmet to be something fun for her so she would want to wear it as she gets older. A quick google search looks like they are able to be sold in the UK, if not you could always come over here for summer break and bring a couple home 😉

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