Friday Ramble

This afternoon I had some time to take the Roadeo fork over to the big brown trucks and ship it back to its creator for repair.

Then I rambled all through town, followed the signs for the “Bike Route” for the first time, Up through the hill-side neighborhoods finding many dead ends, and then up through the park to home.

Perfect way to cap off the week.  Now to get dinner ready.

Enjoy your weekend, Play outside!!

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2 Responses to Friday Ramble

  1. Michael_S says:

    Hey Rob, so, who does the repair, Waterford? Not going to try the the low trail fork option?

    Nice pictures too!

    • Rob says:

      Yes, waterford with some sort of Riv intervention. They should have had the fork by yesterday and will check that it is just the dropout and confirm pricing. The estimate was not too bad, I got a quote from bilenky too. They came in about the same but wanted to replace both dropouts, and I was going to have then add a second set of eyelets. I also talked with Tom Matchack and will be getting back to him on a low trail option as soon as cash flow improves. I am missing the roadeo pretty bad, the Rawland is a good bike but different than the roadeo for sure. I figured working with waterford on the repar would also help retain value in the frameset.

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