New CoPilot

Today was her first ride ever and she is as stoked as daddy.

First a spin around the block and then a run to the beach with mommy and Baloo. (turn the volume down, sorry about the screechy sound)

And now a whole new chapter of family biking begins for spring.

Did I mention how stoked I am, and when she watches the video she claps and laughs. Time for bed so tomorrow gets here quicker.

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  1. Bob says:

    I was curious to how old your daughter is and what seat you are using. My daughter is 7 months old. I hope to be able to start taking her on the bike this spring.

    • Rob says:

      She is 10 months old next week, time is flying by. The biggest challenge was finding a helmet that fit her head well. I ended up with a Nutcase and reworking the inner foam so it better worked with her head shape. The seat is the BoBike Mini+, availible online at Longleaf Bicycles. I looked at all the options and this one seemed the best made and easy to move between my wife’s bike and mine as needed. The manufacturer recommends the child be at least 9mo old. Around her 9mo point I had it all set up, the helmet came i the mail and I was all pumped up and ready to go. When I put her on the seat she was a bit small, then the helmet was too loose and common sense prevailed. Plan on around 9 months, but you will know when she is ready, do not push it unless the fit is good on the safety gear. I will likely be doing a write up on this in the near future.

  2. This is awesome. I can imagine how excited you both are. Thanks for the tip on what helmet to buy….our baby is a year old and I want to start taking him with me either on the bike or in our chariot. I’ll check out Nutcase.


    • Rob says:

      Darryl, I liked the nutcase the best out of all the options I saw. That said I did need to head over to the local skate shop and work with some different thicknesses of foam to get the fit right. the stock foam was really thin, but there is also a layer of styrofoam under the shell as well. She loves the colors and knows it is her helmet, It keeps the helmet fun instead of a bother.

  3. ha1ku says:

    I clapped and laughed too when I saw this post. My father used to take us on bike rides and it is always something that stuck with me. I remember my baby sister giggling in the kid seat, and the expression on her face when the wind blew through her hair.

  4. Mark Eberle says:


    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been looking for a quality child seat to use on my Hillborne. I,ll have to check with BoBike to see if they work with moustache bars. I didn’t know there were seats made that mount on the stems. Having your daughter in front of you makes it easy to check her little hands aren’t getting cold…. right ?

    There is a lot of Joy in your life and I can tell you are a great daddy.

    Many Happy Rides,


    • Rob says:

      I would think it should go fine with a moustche bar as long as you CoPilot is not too tall to fit under your chest when you grab the brake levers. Having them is front is huge, for them and you. They can see and you can communicate with them the whole time. I remember riding behind my dad, and thought that was so cool, I can only imagine how fun this is for her. As for the cold, our temps are in the 60’s at the moment and I have her layered up, any colder and I would either be looking into windproof flece or the windshield option they sell. She would have gloves on the ground in seconds, even if I taped them on.

      Thanks for the kind words too.

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