Back on Track

What was that I said about Spring?  After just making it through another weekend of crazy storms, more snow in the mountains and rivers with water in them (it is a coastal desert after all) I made it back out today to run some errands.

After making the ziging and zaging trek across town I pulled up in front of Trader Joe’s to realise I had left my key to the lock at home.  While a great day for a ride, I was an a mission to get some things, not about to leave my Roadeo just sitting out front and thus had a problem to solve.  Rooting through my bags I was able to come up with what seemed like a more than appropriate solution.

Yes, I went the “make it look locked up” route.  Employing three large zip ties that would at least slow them down a bit if not confuse a would be thief.  Before anyone comments on the wasteful nature of the solution, at the time of departure all were clipped far enough from the business end to be of use at a later date.

Groceries obtained and all 20 lbs or so stuffed into the saddle bag it was time to head home.  Bonus points on the way, finding a dime, ten times better than finding a penny!!

More clouds on the way and we may have hail tonight. 

So what does a smart guy with a load in the bags and a little extra time do?  Head up the hill dead ahead in the picture to see how 20lbs in the rear may or may not affect handling.  Going up was not too different from normal, a little light in the front, but by no means bad handling.  The way down was where the real fun begins.

All 20 lbs in the rear did was help with braking.  Promising for taking the Roadeo on light tours later.

A great ride all over town, 15 to 20 miles, normal clothes, comfortable bike and great weather.

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