Pre Tsunami Coast Ride

Woke up early this morning to a few messages of concern for our safety with the impending tsunami.  A quick check on the web revealed that Japan is devastated, but that we should be looking at  a series of tidal waves in the 3 to 6 foot range.  Luckily it will also be a very low tide as the series of waves moves through.  Good news for us, but thoughts and prays going out to the hardship on the other side of the planet. 

I did what any good American would do and loaded up for a ride along the coast as I had almost 2 hours to the start of the waves.

Starting off with a reminder about every meal, I feel the same way about every ride. 

I had the time to head pretty far north and explore some options for avoiding at least part of the stretch along the 101.  This tunnel while full of glass can shave off almost 1 mile of hwy riding.

I also found a dirt trail that may connect to La Conchita, but that is for another day.

Back on the ride home no signs of a Tsunami other than the rangers trying to clear the motor homes out of the parks

And then the waiting begins to try to shoot some tsunami video:

I am not sure I was able to actually capture anything visible as evidence, and then time ran out for me to get back home.  I heard through the grape-vine that more water came through the harbor around 9:30 or so, but not nearly as dramatic as last year’s chilean tsunami.  I will review the footage I caught and post it up if worth while later today.

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