Deeper Into Emma Wood

I started out heading up the coast, but decided it would be more fun to head back and further explore the hobo trails come nature trails and now hobo trails again.

Just a thread of the trail left at the start,

If the camera were not strapped on for this shot I probably would have dropped it, friendly guy, but startled me something fierce while on the slippery section of trail.

Spring is coming on strong around here

Shortcut home with time getting tight. 

All this within a mile of home, play in your local parks.  What you find may surprise you.

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2 Responses to Deeper Into Emma Wood

  1. ha1ku says:

    Whoah. Is that rail in active use?

    • Rob says:

      yes, but with clean line of sight in both directions with lots of horn honking and the bridge is pretty sort. I almost have my self convinced it it was not that stupid to ride on.

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