Today I was reminded by my wife to get out and go for a ride for myself.  This place is about a mile from home, sometimes I stop.  Most of the time it is a bridge to and from the other rides.  This is one of the many reasons my family works so hard to live here.  The beauty of our immediate surroundings is a blessing. 

Grabbing the coffee and heading out to enjoy a few minutes of the morning to myself, I made it to the bridge and decided it was a good day to just enjoy the view.  With all of the challenges of every day life it is easy to lose track of how fortunate we may actually be.  I have an incredible wife, a healthy 9 month old baby girl, extended family for support, food, shelter, and my own wits about me to keep things going.  Things are good, I am always striving to make it better, but things are always good.

Happy Friday, Play outside and enjoy your family!

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