Grab On Brkake Lever Grips – 3rd Month Review

I have had the Grab On Grips on the Roadeo for 3 months now and a follow-up review is due.  The original review was favorable, and at this point I would still list them as a keepers.

They have been a nice touch of comfort on long cold descents.  When underbiking, skinny tires on dirt, more time is spent on the brakes than would be comparable to a full suspension mountain bike.  The little bit of added padding and grip eases the finger and hand fatigue on the multi thousand foot fire roads coming down from the mountains. Even with powerful brakes this can get tiring after 30 minutes or more of constant feathering of the brakes. 

The durability is better than I expected for these simple thin foam rubber grips.  Bumping into things, leaning against walls and a couple of minor lay downs in the dirt and no rips or tears yet.  I still have my doubts that they will out live the bar tape, but for the couple of bucks they cost I would say it was money well spent. 

I have enjoyed them through the cool winter, next follow-up will be after a few months of warm weather sweat.

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