Up and Down – Hills for Training

And I use the word training loosely.  I ride because it brings me pleasure to be outside and get around under my own power.  The better physical shape I am in the more able I am to tackle hills and cover distance in the limited time I have to ride.  Some mornings I take it easy, some mornings it is fast out in the flat farm roads, and some days I take to the hills.  There are two ways: lots of time and I am able to mix distance and the hills.  When time is compressed I hit the hills right behind town, and run some loops as time permits.  There are three steep roads up the hill and you can mix up the ups and downs, heading up:

Now for my first shots at video raw from the camera without edit, the fun part is heading down.

Turn around and right back up.

Then down the first climb.

I have said it before, my inner racer never developed.  These hill intervals are all about having the legs to make the days with 6000 – 10000 feet of climbing, the only way I know of there is to ride every day.  This is not about being the fastest, just being able to do what you hope and dream on the bike.

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  1. doug peterson says:

    Really nice; you were out early! I especially like the effect of chasing your shadow.

  2. Good to see you tackling the hills…..I had a climbing day on the bike myself today. I really like the solitude and peacefulness found in the videos….nice.


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