Christmas Past

With Christmas in the rear view mirror I was able to get out of the house for a bit this afternoon.  Conditions were all you could hope for and then some.

Light breezes and 62 deg, surf was flat making it easier to keep my mind on the road.  Most of the rain had dried up, but some serious areas of mud still resulted in a little portage.

after that it was easy going,

The mission on this ride was to scout out what looked like another possible route into the coastal range ahead of me in this picture.  Once again I  was greeted with a locked gate, cameras and razor wire.  Most of the time the roads lead back into the land leased by the oil companies other times they lead back to ranches and farms.  These are the roads that perplex me a bit.  They are combinations of dirt and pavement, some have county mile markers, they are listed on public maps either as surface streets or fire roads.  The question I have yet to answer, are these public roads, do our tax dollars pay for their upkeep in any way, yet the land owners to the sides of them gate them off?  Seems like a lot of effort to keep a few dog walkers and the occasional cyclist out of the hills.

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  1. ha1ku says:

    You have got that one-handed self-portrait thing down pat! Impressive handling of both the camera and your bike!

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