One More from Last Night

Looking over last night’s pics again and wanted to share one more.

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2 Responses to One More from Last Night

  1. Ian says:

    Is that on the way down to Santa Paula from Ojai? How’s the Ojai bike trail holding up with the rains? Heck, how are the roads holding up? Many mud/rock/debris slides?

    • admin says:

      Casitas back to Foster Park.

      The Roads are doing better than the river trail, as is usually the case. There were only a few minor slide and muddy areas pushed off to the side of the roads. The river trail on the other hand is a mess of rocks and mud in areas. I actually laid the bike own pretty hard in a patch of greasy mud, I am bruised but the bike is fine. Also had a few hik a bike sections. The crossing at San Antonio Creek is closed, the water looked to be well over 6 ft deep and not something you would want to cross. Fun stuff and high adventure.

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