Frame Bag No. 01 DONE

I finished it, the one in the middle, tonight in time for tomorrow’s Dirt Mullholand ride, lets hope it holds together 😉 just kidding

More detailed report and description to follow, but a big thank you to Ron at Acorn for pointers here and there, the guys at bikepacking,net and MYOG forums.

In Short for those who have never seen a bag like this, it is my take on the what the ultra light bikepacking guys are doing with a twist of Rivendell and Acorn.  It just happens to match the front and rear Acorn bags near perfectly.

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  1. James Black says:

    I saw the new bag on yesterday’s ride and was very impressed! Although this kind of bag does not have the widespread historical precedent of the French handlebar bag or the English transverse saddlebag, it has a timeless functional logic and uses the same timeless materials (plus velcro) – it’s a genuine innovation. I think a lot of cyclists would like to have something like this and look forward to reading more about it on your blog.

    James Black

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