About Ocean Air

Why Bikes?:

The bicycle is a simple and liberating vehicle that can help to facilitate adventure.  It does not have to be fancy or in some way magical, the best bike you can ride today is the one you have.  Use it as a tool to escape the mundane while still meeting you daily obligations. (and burn some a$$ instead of gas)  Why not make your travel your exercise and find something new along the way?

Adventure……To take risks, to dare, to proceed despite risks or simply an unusual or exciting experience.

and likewise  an Adventurer…..One who lives by their wits and seeks out adventure and the exotic.

To be an adventurer does not always mean that every moment needs to be an epic beyond compare.  Long trips to far away places are great, but not always easy to fit into our busy lives.  It is possible to find adventure in the nooks and crannies of each day.  To step outside of the box and take a way home that you have never gone before, to leave early so you can make some coffee in the woods with friends on the ride into work, to get outside of the car, office or house and actually do something outside.

The end goal is to deliver a product that makes you want to step out-of-bounds and break down the walls of your daily routine, to get out of your car, to go outside, try something you have never before and share it with friends.

This business  is my vehicle for change.

It is up to us to make our production and consumption decisions in a sustainable way that supports our planet, nation, local communities and selves.

In the coming months Ocean Air Cycles will be developing, testing, and bringing to market products that help to facilitate your daily and maybe bigger adventures.  Bags to make it easier to carry your stuff, reflective gear to help keep you safe, clothes, lights and  bikes.  These products will be both practical and durable, stuff that works.  Likewise, R&D, sourcing, manufacture are happening here in the USA at every point possible.  I have gotten tired of hearing about our country not making anything and am taking it upon myself to deliver something people want that can be made here.

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