Mama-Porteur No 2

This last week we wrapped up another complete Rambler build.  For long time fans, this replaced a Bridgestone RB-T, build from a blog post many moons ago.  I have been calling these builds with the BoBike Mini+ kid seats MamaPorteurs and PapaPorteurs.  No bias other than who the captain is.  The seat is easy to swap between bikes that have the steerer mounting plate.  Of all the options out there, there are our favorite for ease of on/off and minimal encroachment in the captain space.

On to the build, it was our first full build with a 1×10 drivetrain.  A 40 tooth Wolf Tooth Component ring paired to a 11-34 cassette in the rear.  Shifting is through an indexed Gevenalle (microshift) bar-end.  It is spot on, really perfect for 90% of the riding most of us do.  The chain ring uses a wide/narrow tooth pattern that removes the need for any kind of front chain keeper.  I can see more of these in our future for sure.  There is not much more to say other than it just works.

The rest of the build was along the lines of our standard Porteur set ups.  Lighting front and rear powered by a SON 28, Berthoud fenders, King headset, Soma Porteur rack, and Nitto Albatross Bars.

The Pictures tell the story:

2.7 mel blog-11102422.7 mel blog-11102362.7 mel blog-1110232 2.7 mel blog-11102282.7 mel blog-11102792.7 mel blog-11102372.7 mel blog-1110247This is the second Rambler in the stable for this couple, stoked to have the support of friends, and give them tools that they will use and enjoy.  This bike is not going to be a garage queen by any stretch of the imagination, we build them to get used.  Thank you A&M.

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7 Responses to Mama-Porteur No 2

  1. doug peterson says:

    Very nice build. That sure beats the kids seat behind the saddle that I used when mine were little.

  2. ted kelly says:

    To add the 40t cog do you need to part with one of the smaller cogs? I wouldn’t like the larger than normal gap that would put in the typical progression. Also adding ~$75 (price of 40t add on cog) to the cost of a cassette seems steep. It would be nice if a 10sp 12-40 (or 11-40) cassette that was designed that way from the start and had a smooth progression of cogs was available for the same price as a typical 11-34 or 11-36. Perhaps 12,13,14,16,18,21,24,28,34,40?

    • Rob says:

      This was a simple 11-34 MTB cassette, but the better progressions are coming as the market moves this way.

  3. Zexin Chen says:

    May I ask whether the front rack can be purchased anywhere?

  4. Jason F says:

    is this a 55 frame size? looks great!

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