Paul Comp Funky Monkey

9.23 FM WP-1140551We just added the Paul Component Engineering Funky Monkey to the storefront.  After trying most of the currently available stops, and a few vintage offerings it became clear that the Funky Monkey is hands down the best bang for your buck.  The extra long arm drops down to prevent brake cable housing from bending too tightly and binding up, and the arm sticks out far enough to clear most headsets. A barrel adjuster is included to make front brake cable adjustments quick and painless.

Everything about it just works they way the component should, no fussing, no BS, just works.  Bonus points for looking good, matching the aesthetic of the brakes and being made here in California.

Keep an eye here and on the storefront.  In the coming weeks we will be adding a few more components for building out your Rambler to the online store front

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